INDN 212 Project 2

GREENFINGERS | Greenfingers

So here’s a summary of what we discussed in today’s meeting:


- hydroponics

- potential systems and units

- noticeboard/smartscreen

  • recipes
  • information booth
  • educate residents on optimal planting times, easy to grow crops
  • rosters
  • "swap meets" or "seed swaps"

- tier system

  • herbs
  • vegetables
  • fruits

- system for identifying or sectioning, ie. tags, labels, designated areas for different crops

- farmers market/harvest stand for collecting all the picked crops that can be distributed or collected by residents, perhaps also taken to the farmers market, room for expansion by those passionate

To do/Considerations

- investigate and research similar projects

- set up group blog/facebook (done!)

- research benefits of community gardens and healthy eating, creating a social aspect

- research systems of installing the pods, user interaction and viability

- research hydroponic systems that could be adapted for modular indoor and outdoor use

- mood boards

- timeline

- costs/budgeting

- motivation for residents to look after the plants (reward system)

- water irrigation and drainage systems (automated)