INDN 212 Project 2


Designed By: 

Adam Ben-Dror

Casey Lin 

Robert Skene

Nick Johnston

Final Video Presentation.

We filmed this with permission from Damian Hannah at German Kitchens Limited, and I edited together the footage afterwards.

Final Logo

Final Logo

Creating the logo for our product. After some deliberation, we decided that POD was nice and simple.

Everyone had been down in the workshop over the past few days working on putting together the final prototype. Adam has been busy lathing away our aluminum parts, Rob has been busy working on finishing off the fiberglass base, bogging the surfaces. Nick and I have been working on vacforming the base, we had a slight issue in that the first vacform we did, the rings on the mold broke off so we were forced to use that vacform, luckily it was an almost perfect vacform.

Adam also brought along an arduino which we connected the fan to and started testing how to get the right level of fog in the units. We also discussed and tested putting LEDs into the unit which will also connect up to the arduino.

Addressing the issue of leaking fog was something we had been putting off for a while, so we also tested out several solutions, and we found one that worked relatively well, a two-tier plastic valve system the the pods sit on.

We are generally on track, with most parts sorted out and resolved. The only thing that needs to be machined are the pod internal support system.

Rob is working on spray painting the models with primer and white spray paint, and will finish it with a clear satin coat.


After much deliberation and discussion, we decided that to modella and vacform the bottom part of the base was not going to be practical, and to turn it on the lathe was going to be extremely difficult as well. We decided to make it using pepakura, fiberglass and bog, as it would give us a strong piece without the draw backs of the other two methods. Last night I assembled the pepakura file, and have now applied the first coat of fiberglass to the inside. Once this coat has cured, I will apply another coat for strength and then begin the smoothing process.

Testing out what our product looks like in context, by photoshopping it into a kitchen setting.